Every year, the Congressman tours farms in his district, listening to the concerns of farmers and discussing how Congress can help ensure that all Michigan farmers are able to provide food for our tables now and into the future.

Autos, Labor, Manufacturing, and Trade

The working men and women of Michigan and their families have always been Congressman Dingell’s top priority.

Budget and Taxes

Congressman Dingell knows shaping of the federal budget is one of the House’s most important duties.

Consumers' Concerns

Congressman Dingell has long been an advocate for the rights and safety of consumers.


As Michigan continues to struggle with high unemployment, it is critical that our future workers have the skills and education needed to attract new industries and employers to our great state.

Energy and Environment

Congressman Dingell has long fought to improve the energy and environmental policies of the United States.

Foreign Policy-Armed Services

Congressman Dingell believes that President Obama is leading America on the right course in Iraq and Afghanistan, and making our country safer.

Health Care

Health care for all Americans is an issue of both humanitarian and economic importance to the Congressman.

Jobs and Economy

Congressman Dingell is deeply concerned with the loss of American jobs.


Throughout his tenure, Congressman Dingell has fought to ensure all Americans are granted equal rights.

Middle East

With one of the most diverse constituencies in the nation, Congressman Dingell has been a leader on trying to bring reconciliation and cooperation to one of the world’s most intractable conflicts.

Northern Border

As a representative for a state with an international border, Congressman Dingell has worked closely with his colleagues to provide more funding for the latest innovations in border security.

Small Business

Congressman Dingell knows how important it is to support Michigan’s small businesses, during good times and bad.

Social Security

Representative Dingell will continue to fight to preserve, protect, strengthen and defend Social Security for the new millennium so future generations will continue to be guaranteed against poverty in retirement.


For the past two Congresses, Congressman Dingell has introduced legislation to reform the Federal Communications Commission’s forbearance authority.


Congressman Dingell has long believed that it is imperative that we make robust investments in our nation’s transportation infrastructure to help our economy grow and ensure that the United States is positioned to compete in the global marketplace.


Congressman Dingell understands the importance of keeping our promises to those who have served to protect our nation from foreign threats.

Work for Michigan

During his more than 55 years of service for the people of Southeast Michigan, Congressman John Dingell has worked tirelessly to improve to the quality of life for all residents in Michigan’s 15 th Congressional District.