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Congressman John D. Dingell

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Serving Michigan's 15th Congressional District

September 18, 2001   202/225-4071

Dingell, FBI Director Mueller Urge Arab Americans to Report Hate Crimes

Dearborn, MI - In a letter to Representative John D. Dingell (MI-16), FBI Director Robert Mueller today urged Arab and Muslim Americans to report all instances of suspected hate crimes. Congressman Dingell represents one of the largest populations of Arab and Muslim Americans in the nation.

"I applaud the proactive steps taken by the FBI to combat hate crimes motivated by ethnic or religious prejudice. Shockingly, there have already been more than 200 hundred reports of abuse and violence directed against Arab and Muslim Americans. Americans condemn these cowardly actions of hate with the same ferocity as we condemn the attacks of September 11th," said Dingell. "I implore any victims to immediately come forward to law enforcement officials."

Mueller wrote, "We cannot allow the current circumstance, regardless of its gravity, to permit tolerance of hate crimes. Like this case, we intend to vigorously pursue every complaint."

"To the perpetrators of such crimes, I say you will be punished; to those who seek to fan the wicked flames of prejudice, I say you do a disservice to this nation and all for which it stands; and to those who seek to divide us, I say you cannot," said Dingell.

"This is a time of national unity. All Americans - Christians, Muslims and Jews - will endure this onslaught, defeat the forces of terror and demonstrate once again the greatness of our nation," Dingell added.

FBI Director Mueller’s letter to Congressman Dingell Adobe Acrobat Site