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Congressman John D. Dingell

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October 9, 2002   202/225-4071

Dingell Announces Opposition to Iraq War Resolution

Washington, D.C. - As the United States Congress prepares for an historic vote to authorize the President to wage war in Iraq, Congressman John D. Dingell (D-MI) today announced his opposition to the resolution authorizing the use of force. Dingell, the Dean of the House of Representatives and a World War II veteran, outlined his opposition to unilateral military action in a speech to his colleagues on the floor of the House.

"The President has chosen the wrong course and he has given the Congress a request for a blank check," Dingell said. "Proceeding without allies, without bases, without proper and adequate logistical support is an act of great folly. It poses enormous risks to the troops that we would be sending, and it poses enormous risk to this country and to our foreign policy."

"War, no matter how it is justified, is deeply regrettable and costly. Military actions should be pondered seriously, diplomacy must be employed thoroughly, and all steps must be taken to prevent an armed conflict from erupting," added Dingell, who also noted that he was one of a handful of Democrats who supported former President George H.W. Bush’s Persian Gulf war resolution.

In his remarks, Dingell made it clear that the President has not made an adequate case to the international community and the American people: "There has been inadequate discussion with our allies and friends. There has not been sufficient discussion with the Congress or the people of the United States. The countries in the area are troubled because they feel that they do not understand what it is the United States intends to do, when, how or why."

Representative Dingell urged the President, if the use of force is authorized, to work within the framework of the United Nations and to marshal the necessary international support to wage, sustain and win a military campaign. "Let us do it right. If we do, we will win," Dingell concluded.

[Editor’s note: A transcript of Representative Dingell’s full statement can be obtained contacting Michael Hacker at 202/225-4071 of at]

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